Our Concept

Your Issues

Too many documents to consult, sort, discard and update?
An email box overloaded?
Inconclusive system trials?

Your company is growing day by day, always on a tight budget, and does not allow your HR manager to be better organize.

Our Platform

Designed to be simple and efficient everyday.

Each employee comes from a different background. Whether you are talking about a collaborator or an HR manager, the interfaces are adapted to each and everyone.

You will feel at ease like on your smartphone with our fun and interactive icons.

Our online system centralizes all the data of your employees.
It will provide you with the tools you need to manage human resources.
In a blink of an eye, you can update, view and edit information.

Salary sheets, contracts, leaves, administrative forms etc. everything is grouped together.

The Application

By asking your employees to download the free application, you will integrate them into the management of their company.

This way, they can easily send you their expense reports, personal updates and check the balance of their vacations.

Communication is sometime difficult between employees and the human resources department. Not anymore, it will become user-friendly and interactive thanks to our chat tool.

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To summarize

A solution that will bring you:

  • A better work/admin organization in your work
  • An important saving on software & paper
  • A maximun of Security with our crypted Cloud Solution
  • An empowerment of your employees
  • A digital link between you and your employees 24/7